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1. Classic USB flash drive

Although the general USB flash drive is not our research and development results, but for the ordinary USB flash drive, we have upgraded the function:

A: processing of file encryption

B: Automatically play files

C: delete / not delete files and write protection

D: partition processing

In addition, we also have ordinary USB flash drive USB 2.0 &USB3.0 version. The biggest difference between the two version USB flash drive is reading & writing speed. Such as USB 2.0 8G, read &write speed is 12m / s &3.5m / s, respectively, for USB 3.0 8G, read&write speed of 30m / s & 10m / s. So transmission 1G data, USB3.0 USB flash drive can save 2 times time. In the 21st century highly efficient time , in order to transfer data faster, USB 3.0 USB flash drive is a very good choice.

2.On the go USB flash drive

On the go USB flash drive that is dual-use smart phone USB flash drive, including Android + USB 2.0 PC port, Android + 4-pin+USB 2.0 PC port, 4-pin+USB 2.0 PC port, USB 2.0 port + 4-pin+Type C port , Android +Type C port , In 2014, in order to achieve USB flash drive inside the information can be more convenient to use and transmission, we developed the on the go USB flash thumbdrive, this is a technological innovation.

3.Type C USB flash drive 

Intelligent era, whether it is a smart phone or computer, USB 2.0 speed port has been unable to meet the requirements. So USB 3.1 type C port turned out, in order to meet the needs of the market, our team developed a type C port dual-use and Tri-use port, including type C USB flash drive with 4-pin port, type C USB flash drive with Andoird port , Type C USB flash drive with 4-pin and Andoird at the same time. Tri-use Type C USB flash drive is our HWD's patented product. This technology is a perfect solution to slove the problem of data transfer from PC to cellphone. 

4.Wi-Fi USB flash drive

With the innovation of a technology, our development can not be stagnant. In order to better achieve data sharing, and a great innovation with the product, it is wifi USB flash drive, that is, wireless USB flash drive. This technology enables data sharing, bringing wireless convenience to work.

5. Smart Software Encrypted USB flash drive

So far, we have introduced an encrypted USB flash drive. May we think that ordinary USB flash drive is the same as the encryption function, why must we introduce encryption USB flash drive? For ordinary USB flash drive encryption, but a file inside the encryption, in addition to encryption outside the part there is still a high risk, if the USB flash drive is lost, the entire data will be lost. The encrypted USB flash drive is the entire USB flash drive encryption, as long as the retention of accounts and passwords, even if the loss of USB flash drive, the file can still be found in the new USB flash drive inside later.


Shenzhen Huawanda Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to USB flash drive R & D and production for more than 10 years, research and development of the cause has been ongoing, follow-up of new R & D products, will be presented to everyone.

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